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Name: Matt Mayfield        
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"    1.8 meters
Weight: 170 lb./  77 kilograms/ 12 stone
Kansas City, Missouri

I started backpacking in 1994. I started out with 19th century minimalist camping and moved toward more conventional. I backpack anywhere from deep woods, desert, winter lands, caves and river bluffs to urban sprawl -  under bridges, abandoned buildings and hobo camps. I also travel a great deal for work as a photographer. Many days spent on the road and air travel, I find most gear and clothing serve that lifestyle as well. I acquire gear over time as I can afford it.
I'm not much of a minimalist, but I like to keep my pack efficient. I've learned through many experiences what gear I need for a light pack and a comfortable journey.

Product Information

Manufacturer- SIGG Switzerland Ltd.
Manufacturer URL-
Year of Manufacture-  2008
Capacity- 1 L (33 oz)
Style- SIGG Heritage Water Bottle in Silver
Claimed Weight (total)- 5.2 oz (147 g)
Actual Weight (total)- 5.2 oz (147g)
MSRP- $24.99 US

Product Detail

I was immediately attracted to its retro look and feel. According to the manufacturer's website, they wanted to resemble a SIGG bottle from 1930 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company. Its tall slender body is accented with a ribbed exterior. The color looks much like pewter, adding to the retro look. The cap itself looks old-fashioned with an aluminum loop rather than the doughnut hole typically found on a SIGG bottle. The bottle is seamless due to the single sheet of lightweight aluminum that it is pressed from. The inside of this bottle has the dull yellow coating which is found in SIGG bottles manufactured since August of 2008. This coating is a special powder based liner certified to be BPA free.


typical cap    




sigg can


I have had this bottle for 8 months now. I carry it on a daily basis from home to work, to the gym and back home, 5 days a week. I have also carried it on three camping trips. Two of those were in the summer on a three day float with temperatures ranging from 56˚F to 85˚F (13˚-30˚C). The liquid in the bottle warmed pretty quickly once the bottle was exposed to direct sun. Kept in the shade it keept a nice cool, refreshing feel. On the cooler days I had car camped two nights in Weston Bend State Park and another night at an old drive-in theatre. The bottle was uncomfortable handled bare handed as the liquid in the bottle is the same temperature outside, however it became pleasant once I placed warm cider in it. One must be careful of pouring hot liquid in the bottle as it can burn bare skin.

The bottle is easy to carry around with its slender shape, ribbed body and hinged loop on cap. And with its slender body, it fits nice and snug in most of the water bottle pockets of backpacks.




I found myself using this bottle on a daily basis. It is relatively light, as light as most plastic bottles of the same capacity. It is also extremely tough and can take a lot of abuse. I have dropped my bottle on at least four occasions, every time on hard concrete. The bottle has only suffered small dents that have not affected its performance.

Although I have mostly used the bottle for water, I have also used it for wine, mixed cocktails, sodas and tomato juice. On the note of sodas, the screw-in cap has a small white seal. This does a fine job sealing the gas of carbonated beverages. I had filled mine with sparkling water and was surprised to find it hiss once I opened it two days later.

The ring on the cap moves freely, allowing it to be carried easily. The cap needs to be carefully engaged when attaching to the bottle due to the fussy threading. This can be troublesome if you are in a hurry.

Since the bottle is made from light aluminum, it can be hazardous to place hot liquids in the bottle. It would be as hot to the touch.
This conduction happens immediately. I recently retrieved my empty bottle from my car when it was 5˚F (-15˚ C) and nearly dropped it after the searing "burning" sensation of frostbite surged in the palm of my hand.

What I like

Tough and reliable.
Use for any beverage.

What I don't like

Costly, however good investment.
Not insulated -although there are neoprene sleeves that are available for most bottles.
Cap difficult to thread.

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Reviews > Hydration Systems > Bottles > SIGG Bottles > Owner Review by Matt Mayfield

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