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January 31, 2012



Pete Jaworski





Frisco, Texas USA




6' 0" (1.82 m)


240 lb (109 kg)

I have been a hiker, camper and climber since my childhood (7/8 years old). Most of my experience is weekend and weeklong treks on the Appalachian Trail. I have camped and hiked extensively in the northeastern states (New Jersey and north through Main) and also in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. In Texas, I encounter more temperate and low altitude camping. Depending on climate, terrain and my group, I will carry anywhere between a minimalist pack at 20 lb (9 kg) and less, up to a heavy pack at 50 lb (23 kg) or more with many creature comforts.


Manufacturer: SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, LLC
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Manufacturer's Website: SOG Knives
MSRP: US$ 207.00
Listed Weight: 11.2 oz (317 g)
Actual Weight: 10.9 oz (308 g) Knife only



Other details
Kydex Sheath Included
Sheath Weight: 3.6 oz (102 g)
Blade Length/ Width: 6.4" x .24" (16 cm x 6 mm)
Actual Length/ Width: 6.4" x .24" (16 cm x 6 mm)
Actual Cutting Edge: 5.5" (14 cm)
Overall Length: 11" (28 cm)
Edge: Straight
Steel: AUS 8
HRC : 57-58
Handle: Kraton
Finish: Hardcased Black TiNi
Country of Origin: Taiwan


Kydex Sheath

SOG Warranty Information
All SOG products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original purchaser. This guarantee is voided (as determined by SOG) by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, or alterations of the product and does not cover any normal wear or tear that might occur. Using your SOG folding blade or fixed blade knife for any purpose other than cutting or puncturing is considered abuse and may void your warranty.

Product Description
The Tech Bowie - Black TiNi (hereafter referred to as the "knife" or "Bowie") is a single edge fixed blade tool. The blade is hard cased in black TiNi so as to not reflect light. The TiNi is an extremely hard ceramic applied as a thin coating. It is used to harden and protect cutting and sliding surfaces. The knife is full tang, meaning that the metal continues through the full-length of the handle. The handle has a 0.20 inch (0.5 cm) hole drilled through the steel end of the handle; this can be used as an attachment point for a lanyard or other survival type rope. The SOG Insignia and Tech Bowie Name are etched (in white) into the left side of the blade, and TIWAN on the right side. The handle has "SOG SPECALITY KNIVES" printed into the handle on both sides.
The Kydex Sheath (hereafter referred to as the "sheath") is a hard plastic type material. It has the SOG name stamped through the edge end, and multiple attachment points for lashing to gear and tactical MOLLE/PALS systems . There is a flexible snap closure that connects around the knife handle and keeps it secured in the sheath. The sheath also has a belt loop attachment so it can be worn on the hip.
This knife was purchased in the fall of 2010 and has traveled with me on every hiking trip, camping outing and day hike excursion I have ever gone on. I usually keep this knife on my person (when not at work) or in my vehicle.
The knife was shipped in its sheath in a SOG Logo box with paper. Enclosed also was a fixed blade product information brochure, including maintenance instructions and warranty information. The blade was extremely sharp coming out of the box and ready to use.


I have used this knife at altitudes between -75' (-23 m) to over 8000 Feet (2400 m). Temperatures have ranged from -3 F (-19 C) to over 110 F (43 C). Conditions have been full sun, rain, heavy fog, thunderstorms, freezing rain and snow storms. It has been in desert conditions in Big Bend National Park to blizzard conditions on Mount Washington Maine
The knife has been used to field dress deer and other game, filet fish, and open cans and live shellfish. It has been extensively used to cut wood, climbing rope, accessory cord and webbing, hair, clothing, brush (live and dead vegetation), branches, plastic (Cable Ties), paper and cardboard, duct tape, and my hand (once, and it performed extraordinarily well at that).

This knife has also been used several times as a wood splitter in conjunction with a larger wood log/branch as a hammer (not recommended by manufacturer), as a pry tool for separating wood (not recommended by manufacturer), several times as a digging tool for cat holes (not recommended by manufacturer). It has been lashed to the end of wood and used as a fishing spear (no recommendation by manufacturer). It has once or twice been thrown at trees and plywood (not recommended by manufacturer). The knife has also been stabbed into logs, picnic tables and dry wall. It has also been used to lift Dutch Ovens from fire pits and as a general cooking tool.

I have sharpened this knife several times using a wet stone and/or tri stone combination and am able to refresh the blade using a burr steel from time to time. The blade does not have any knicks/notches or obvious damage and the Black TiNi coating has held up very well through heavy usage.


Over all I am very impressed with the quality of the blade and how long it keeps an edge, considering the rigors and amount of use it does get. The knife is heavy, part of the reason I bought it, I wanted a "meaty" blade to hold up to use and often abuse. This knife has outperformed other fixed blades I have owned in the past by far.


Hard blade
Holds a great edge for a long time
Optional accessories available


I did become disenchanted with the stock sheath and decided to upgrade to the SEAL team nylon sheath ($25.00 US) this gave me the same attachment and belt loop capabilities but added a Velcro closure over the handle and exterior Velcro pouch for the stowage of a multi tool.





Pete Jaworski

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Reviews > Knives > Fixed Blade > SOG TECH BOWIE FIXED BLADE KNIFE > Owner Review by Peter Spagga

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