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Energizer 2 in 1 Light
Test Series by Alex Legg
Initial Report August 24th, 2013

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Tester Information:

Name:  Alex Legg
Age:  30
Gender:  Male
Height:  6'4" (1.9 m)
Weight:  195 lb (88 kg)
Email address:  alexlegg2 AT yahoo DOT com
City, State, Country:  Lyons, Colorado, USA

I have backpacked extensively throughout the southwestern United States my entire life.  I prefer a lightweight approach using tarp tents and trail shoes so that I can save my strength for clocking miles.  I hike on average 4 m (6 km) daily from my back door and also enjoy trips up to 5 days in the backcountry.  I encounter elevation from 5,000 ft to 14,000 ft (1,524 m to 4,267 m) and temperatures from below 0 F to 90 F (-18 C to 32 C).

Product Information and Specifications:

Manufacturer: Energizer
Year of Manufacture: 2013
Listed Weight: Not Listed
Measured Weight: 7.3 oz (207 g)
Color: Orange and Black
MSRP: $49.00 US

Product Description and Initial Impressions:

The Energizer 2 in 1 Flashlight is an LED spotlight and an area light in one.  The manufacturer claims that the light has up to 150 lumens of area light for up to 100 hours or 75 lumens of focused beam for 10 hours.  This seems like a lot of light to me considering that the light only takes four AA batteries.  This is far less battery power than the large flashlights I used as a kid.  They all had three large size C or even D batteries.  I see this as an advance in technology, and I like it!  The battery terminal opens easily by using my fingernail to turn the flat head screw to the left 90 degrees.  The batteries are placed in rows two by two.  I was happy to see that the manufacturer included the batteries so that I didn't have to go out and buy some just to start playing with the light.

I noticed the sticker of a yellow arrow with the words 'try me' written on it.  Just above the sticker on the side of the light is the power button.  One click turns on the spotlight, and another turns on the area light.  A third click and I have taken the process to the beginning again, the light is off.  I was slightly annoyed when I saw the beam of light turn itself off after about ten seconds, so I took a look at the owner's manual.  I quickly learned that I needed to take the batteries out of the device for ten second then replace them.  I read that I was to wait another ten seconds then turn on the light.  The problem was solved!  I can now keep the light on as long as I want which is pretty awesome.

This light illuminates a large area, easily bigger than the size of my two person tent.  I can easily light up a decent portion of my living room with this light.  I would have to be fairly close to the light in order to read a book, but it provides an ample amount of light to see around the room and talk to people. 

The spotlight also works very well.  I have no problem seeing around my house in the dark.  I will have to take the light out to the woods in order to really test how far the spotlight can reach and how bright it is, but it seems like an ample amount of light at this point. 

I like that the light feels sturdy in my hand.  There is some texture along the sides that aid my grip quite well.  The light feels like it could take a couple falls and still hold up, so I hope it can.  It is bound to get dropped at one point or another along the trail and in camp. 


At this point I like the 2 in 1 light a lot.  I do wish that is was a little bit smaller to accommodate my backpacking style, but I'm not gonna let that get me down on the product.  I look forward to taking this light out into the field and lighting up the woods!  Be sure to check back for my field report in two months.

What I like:

1.  Area light works great!
2.  Spot light is super bright!
3.  Construction feels sturdy.

What I don't like:

1.  I wish the light was a little bit smaller

I would like to thank Energizer and for the chance to review this product!

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