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Mammut Lucido TR1 Headlamp
Owner Review by Andrea Murland
March 17, 2012

Tester Information

Name: Andrea Murland
Email: amurland AT shaw DOT ca
Age: 26
Location: Elkford & Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
Weight: 125 lb (57 kg)

I began hiking frequently in 2006 and have since hiked in Western Canada, Australia, and spent 2 months backpacking in the Alps. I spend most weekends either day-hiking or on 2-3 day backpacking trips, with some longer trips when I can manage them. I also snowshoe and ski in the winter, but don’t have a lot of experience with winter in the backcountry yet. Elevation is typically 500-3,000 m (1,600-10,000 ft), in the Canadian Rockies and the Selkirk, Purcell, and Monashee ranges. I try for a light pack, but I don’t consider myself a lightweight backpacker.

Image Courtesy of Mammut
Mammut Lucido TR1

Product Information

Manufacturer: Mammut Sports Group AG
Manufacturer's URL:
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Model: Lucido TR1
MSRP: USD 39.95
Colours Available: Black, Fire
Colour Reviewed: Black
Listed Weight: 38 g (1.3 oz) without batteries
Measured Weight: 41 g (1.4 oz) without batteries
Measured Size: 6.8 cm (2.7 in) x 3.7 cm (1.5 in) x 3.2 cm (1.3 in)
Battery Type: 3 x AAA


Button Detail The Mammut Lucido headlamp is an LED headlamp which features 4 LEDs. It has 2 light settings: low and high. The manufacturer specifies that on high, the light range is 20 m (66 ft) with a battery life of 25 hours, while on low the light range is 12 m (39 ft) with a battery life of 60 hours. Mammut also tells me that the angle of the floodlight is 45 degrees. The headlamp is specified to be water resistant, with no further detail.

The button to operate the headlamp is on the left side of the light. Pushing it once turns the light on low, and pushing it a second time turns the light on high. Pushing the button a third time pushes the light off. The Lucido has an emergency and battery check function as well. By pushing and holding down the button, the light will start to flash. If the light blinks three times, the battery is at high capacity, two blinks means medium capacity, and one blink means low capacity. I can turn off the strobe by pushing the button again. Next to the button, towards the LEDs, is a switch lock, which rotates up and down. When the lock is up, the light can be operated. When the lock is down, it prevents depressing the button so that the light cannot be turned on accidentally.

The head of the light, which contains the four LEDs, swivels freely within a range. The light comes with an elastic headband which is adjustable. The battery cover, which is the back of the case, snaps into place and can be removed by pulling on the slight notch at the top of it. Inside the battery case, there are markings showing which direction the batteries are supposed to go in. The top of the lamp has the Mammut name printed into the plastic, and “Lucido” is printed on the back of the battery case.

Field Conditions

Field Use I got the Mammut Lucido TR1 headlamp in 2010 and it has been a great headlamp for me since then. I have worn it for hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, rope rescue, and caving. It spends a lot of time in my Search & Rescue pack “just in case”, especially in the summer when I’m not using it regularly for cross-country skiing at night. I’ve used it about twenty times for activities at night. In addition, I used the Lucido as my primary headlamp on a 5-day cave/rope rescue workshop, which included two days of caving and rescue scenarios in the cave. I have used the Lucido in snow, clear conditions, mud, and in temperatures ranging from -30 C (-22 F) to about 20 C (68 F).


I really have no major complaints about the function of the Lucido. I love that the light comes on at the low setting first, since unless I’m doing something where I need a lot of light (like cross-country skiing, or caving), the low setting is more than enough. It’s great to not have to push the button a whole bunch of times to get the setting I want. However, when I do need more light the high setting is pretty darn bright! The button is easy to push, even in gloves. The switch lock is a great feature, I use it when I have the light stored in my Search & Rescue pack so that I don’t kill the batteries in the closet.

The battery case is easy to remove and replace, and seems pretty secure. I haven’t had any issues with it. The swivel head does tend to rotate on its own if I bump it at all, since it requires very little effort to rotate. The only other nitpick I have is that it’s hard to tell which end is the top of the light in the dark. I can never remember which side the button is supposed to be on, so I usually have to turn the light on first so that I can find the printed “Mammut” which marks the top.

I haven’t specifically timed the battery life, but I’ve only changed the batteries once or twice in my use of the light. It hasn’t jumped out at me that the battery life is low. I also really like that the Lucido takes AAA batteries, which are easily obtainable and easy to switch in the field.

Comfort & Fit
The headband on the Lucido is soft and comfortable. I don’t find that the adjustment buckles dig into my head at all. The light sits flat against my head, and is comfortable there too. The range of adjustment in the strap is sufficient for my small head and my climbing helmet, so I’m happy with it.

The durability of the Lucido has been great. There are a couple of scratches on the plastic, but otherwise it looks as good as new. I took it apart and washed everything (strap and battery case) after caving and it looks like it’s never even seen mud. In addition, it survived the wet mud of the cave and getting banged against shovels, stretchers, and rocks in the cave.


The Mammut Lucido TR1 headlamp is a great, bright 4-LED light. Features include a switch lock and swivel head. This is my primary headlamp for cross-country skiing and Search & Rescue because I know that it’s bright and I can count on its light.

Thumbs Up:
Light comes on at low setting
Switch lock
Good battery life
Good durability

Thumbs Down:
Hard to tell which direction is the top in the dark
Swivel head doesn’t always stay in position

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Reviews > Lighting > Headlamps - LED > Mammut Lucido Headlamp > Owner Review by Andrea Murland

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