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March 11, 2017


NAME: Kelsea Krawetz
AGE: 21
LOCATION: Fernie, BC Canada
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 125 lb (56.70 kg)

I have been backpacking my whole life, all over Colorado and British Columbia. I enjoy glacier, mountaineering, and ocean based backpacking trips. I carry a 67L pack; however I tend to pack lightweight gear. I hike with groups of friends, and I try to cover as much distance and elevation as I can in a single day. By the evenings, I like to cook hot food and drinks and relax under the stars in my hammock on clear nights. When the weather gets more aggressive, I carry my freestanding tent.


Manufacturer: ShuoFang
Year manufactured: 2015
Listed weight: 0.32 Ounces (9 Grams)
Weight as delivered: 0.32 Ounces (9.1 Grams)
Other measurements not given by Mfr.
Battery Type: 2000mAh Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Bulb Burn Time (Bulb Life): None listed. See report body for more information
Battery Burn Time (Battery Life): About six hours with rechargeable battery
Power: 130 lumens
It comes with lifetime warranty


The Sunix headlamp I have has an orange, plastic body, with orange, elastic strap with a geometric design. It has a plastic strap in the back in order to adjust to various head sizes. The band has a minimum circumference of 15 in (38 cm) and a maximum circumference of 24 in (61 cm). It is also helmet-compatible.


The Sunix headlamp is shipped in a small cardboard box containing the head torch, a water resistant carrying case, a universal Micro USB cord, welcome guide, and lifetime warranty. The cord is about 3 inches long and used to charge the unit. The head torch body is made of plastic and the headband is made of elastic.
A Micro USB cords is used to charge the head torch; which can be plugged into a laptop, or USB outlet. There is a waterproof rubber covering over the micro adapter port on the body of the head torch that can be opened upon charging.
The head torch comes with a variety of settings and functions for various lighting requirements. Brightness levels are changed by holding down the single button on the top of the unit to decrease the intensity. The body is also on an "L" frame so you can angle the light directionally.



I have had my Sunix headlamp since the fall of 2015. I have used this headlamp on numerous trips, and over 200 km of trails. The highest point I have camped with this headlamp is Chasm Lake, Colorado at 3603m (11,823 ft). The lowest point is 0 m on Vancouver Island. I have used this headlamp at temperatures ranging from 0o F (-17o C) to 85o F (29.4o C). I often use this headlamp in the rain. I really put it to the test on September 16-18, 2016 when I used this headlamp backpacking through Gargantua and Cleft Caves in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. It lasted me two evening of cooking dinners, and 8 total hours backpacking in the caves. However, by the end of my trip, the bulb went dim and I could no longer successfully use the light. The cave was rather humid and the campsites were rather rainy; in which case the light performed brilliantly.


On its brightest setting, the head torches shines brightly and allows me to see many meters away.
The head strap is elastic, and easy to adjust, meaning I can change sizes easily if moving the headlamp to a helmet or over a toque.
The band comes in various colours; blue, orange and black with a stylish geotextile design, which is nice for style points.
When charging there is a red light to signify a partially charged battery, and a green light to notify a charged battery.
The light can die out quickly if I don't fully charge it. When it starts losing intensity, it will stay ineffective for quite a while.


The Sunix headlamp is easy to use, bright, and durable. Since it's rechargeable, I don't have to worry about replacing the batteries; unfortunately it doesn't hold its charge as long as a replaceable battery headlamp could. It's a great choice for short, rainy trips.


1. Colour and style
2. Durability
3. Brightness
4. Waterproof
5. Lifetime Warranty


1. Short battery life
2. Re-chargeability

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Reviews > Lighting > Headlamps - LED > Owner Review by Kelsea Krawetz

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