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December 27, 2008


NAME: Aric W. Swanger
EMAIL: aricswanger"AT"nc.rr"DOT"com
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 6' 0" (1.90 m)
WEIGHT: 265 lb (120.00 kg)

I grew up camping in Pennsylvania but most of my camping and all of my backpacking has been in the last 2 years in North Carolina. I really got excited about backpacking when my son started to get interested in it. I do some car camping but most trips will be backpacking with my son for 1-3 nights. I use a tent as my typical shelter. I try to get out about 12 times a year. I like to keep my pack under 35 lb (15.88 kg) and hope to adopt some ultralight skills and equipment.


Manufacturer: Petzl
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US$29.95
Listed Weight: .95 oz (27 g)
Measured Weight: 1.0 oz (28.4 g)
Measured Weight with carrying case: 1.6 oz (45.4 g)
3 white LED and 1 red LED.
Uses 2 CR2032 lithium batteries (included).
Waterproof down to -1 m.
2 lighting levels: economic and maximum.
White and red strobe mode.
Clip attachment system and removable elastic headband.
Light source rotates 360 on ball and joint.
10-year guarantee

The Petzl E+Lite is a tiny headlamp about the size of 2 quarters side by side. The E+Lite has a 3\8 in elastic headband that is adjustable with a small red cord lock found at the opposite end of the headband from the light. The cord lock is made to fit in the battery door slot for easy opening in the field.

The light assembly is attached to a small plastic base that the headband feeds through for wearing on your head. Once the light assembly is taken off of the headband it can be clipped onto anything like a hat brim, belt or pack strap. The light and base can just be set on a flat surface and used as a tiny lantern. The light attaches to the base by a ball and socket type joint allowing for a full 360 range of movement. I will angle the light down a little for walking so I can keep my head straight and still illuminate the ground some. The range of movement is really helpful when laying the light on a flat surface. The light can be aimed pretty much anywhere you like.

The front of the light assembly has three white LEDs arranged in a triangular pattern with one smaller red LED in the center of the triangle. When facing the light, just to the left of the LEDs, there is a selector switch. The first position on the selector switch is the locked position. I keep the light in this position when carrying it around camp around my neck. The locked position keeps the light from accidentally being turned on. The next position is the off position. When put in the off position, the light remains off but is a lot easier to move than the locked position. The next position is the low setting. I use the low setting for most everything. The low setting is plenty of light for reading, cooking or walking around camp. The high setting is next. The only time I have used this setting is when we were caught on a foggy night in a downpour trying to set our tent. The high setting gave us enough light to see about 5 ft in front of us. There are 2 strobe settings next. The first strobe is the white strobe and then the red strobe. I have never needed these settings but can see where they would come in handy in a rescue situation. The next setting is the red LED setting. This setting is great for around camp or in the tent. This setting is a lot easier on your night vision and doesn't wake up people as easily. The last setting is an additional off setting.

E+Lite comes with a carrying case made of plastic and is held together with a thick o-ring and has a slot to put a belt through. The case is hard enough to give some protection and has a drain hole incase water gets in it. I usually put the light in its case and keep it in my right hand strap pocket of my pack. As soon as dusk comes I take it out and hang the light around my neck so the light is at the ready.


The manufacturer's website claims the light can function in temperatures ranging from -22 F (-30 C) to 140 F (60 C), can be stored with batteries for up to 10 years, provides up to 4 consecutive nights of lighting (45 hours) and shines up to 62 ft (19 m).


I have used the E+Lite on several car camping trips, several backpacking trips and on a Boy Scout trip to a campground all of which were 3 day trips or less with temperatures ranging from 20 F(-7 C) to 95 F (35 C). I have used this light on clear nights to foggy and rainy nights.


When I set out to buy a light, I was looking for a small, light and bright headlight. I did not plan to hike at night, but wanted a headlight in case I got caught at dark before getting to the campsite. I also was looking for something I could use around camp and in the tent.

I found that this light is everything the website claims it to be. This light was exactly what I was looking for. I need something small, light and bright and the Petzl E+Lite fit the bill perfectly.The swivel head was perfect for lighting fires, reading or walking without blinding those around you. I used the strap to hang it from the tent ceiling as a tent light. I have put it in my sleeping bag so it would be nearby if needed. The switch is easy to use by feel. I am very satisfied with this light and bought my son one also.


Compact size
Great tuff carrying case


I have not found any dislikes to date.

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