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May 19, 2012


NAME: Erin M. Hedden
AGE: 33
LOCATION: Southeastern Colorado, USA
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 153 lb (69.40 kg)

Backpacking Background: I have been backpacking since 4 years of age, taking long trips into the mountains with my family. I hike various terrains from mountains and plateaus to grasslands and prairies. My excursions can be a day hike with a light-weight waist pack, a loop trail taking up to 5 days on which I keep my pack as light-weight as possible, or an in-and-out trip for a night or two where my pack can be heavy. Slow and steady is my pace and I use a tent or a hammock depending on weather and terrain.



Manufacturer: RIBZWEAR
Year of Manufacture: 2011
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US $59.95
Listed Weight: 9 oz (255 g)
Measured Weight: 10 oz (283 g)
Other details:IMAGE 2
The RIBZ Front Pack boasts 800+ cu. in. (13 L) of space, unfortunately I have no way of measuring this claim to confirm or deny this claim made by the manufacturer, however, I have loaded it up then weighed it and came up with 11 pounds (5 kg) of gear that was able to be stored inside the five pockets of the RIBZ Front Pack.

The newer version of RIBZWEAR Front Packs now have two sizes; The 500 ci (8 L), and the 700 ci (11 L) models that come in Alpine Green, Stealth Black and Camo.
The RIBZ Front Pack that I have is made of 210d water resistant ripstop nylon and is Alpine green with the RIBZ decal embroidered on both sides of the pack in bright green. The shoulder rear waist strap is black and is adjustable. There are also two D-rings attached to the front of the shoulder straps, one on each side.


I have worn the RIBZ Front Pack on countless hikes throughout the fall of 2011, the winter of 2011-2012 and into the spring of 2012 both alone by itself and in conjunction with a backpack. I wear the RIBZ Front Pack when I go fishing, hiking, camping, hunting and even biking.

The RIBZ Front Pack has been used in sunny and warm weather in temperatures well above 90 F (32 C), in the chilly early spring rain when the temperature was 53 F (12 C), and during a snowstorm when the temperature dipped down to 32 F (0 C). Of course it has been used in various climates and in different weather, these are just a few that I can recall clearly where I used the front pack during the early winter of 2011 into the late winter months of 2012.
Fully Loaded

On hikes I generally pack up the RIBZ Front Pack with snacks, gloves, dog treats, sun screen, bug spray and other necessities like car keys, wallet, lip balm, small flashlight, collapsible dog dish, tissue and camera gear.

This spring I got out to Oxbow Wildlife Refuge on a hot, sunny, May day while the temperature was recorded being 91 F (33 C). This outing was the first time I had been able to get out and use the RIBZ Front Pack in the real heat of spring and summer.
On a fishing trip to John Martin Reservoir in Hasty, Colorado I packed up the RIBZ with a few snacks and essentials, along with a small waterproof tackle box that contained my most-used lures for that area and headed out over the rocky southern shores of the reservoir to find a good fishing spot. The temperature when I set off from camp was 72 F (22 C), but by the time I got back to camp the temperature had risen to 95 F (35 C).


The RIBZ Front Pack is constructed of two halves that join together by a zipper in the front, right across the abdomen. There are three separate zipper pockets on the left side and two separate zipper pockets on the right hand side.


The left hand side of the RIBZWEAR Front Pack has one main compartment, which has two smaller pockets inside of it to store gear for easier organization and access. There is a smaller pocket below that which opens from the side and goes back all the way to the end of the pack itself for maximum space to be allowed for storing gear. The smaller pocket is below the middle pocket and centered on the pack itself. This pocket is great for storing smaller items that I use most often, such as lip balm, a small flashlight and any medications that I may be carrying for the day.




The right hand side of the RIBZ Front Pack has one large main compartment that zips up from the bottom and over the top, just like the left hand side main pocket does, and it too has two smaller pockets sewn into it to create better organization of gear stowed away in its main compartment. Unlike the left side the right side only has one other pocket, the longer smaller pocket that is identical in length and size to the left side pocket.



The pack is worn over the shoulders and around the back where it is adjustable on both shoulders, and at the waist and center of the back.



In summation I find that the RIBZ Front Pack is very comfortable to wear on its own or in conjunction with a backpack. It is great for day hikes and for long distance treks. I can always find what I need, when I need it, without having to stop and take my backpack off and dig in it and have to hassle with putting the backpack back on. With everything stored in organized neatness in the five different pockets that the RIBZ Front Pack has, everything is right where I can access it without having to tear everything apart looking for something.
I feel like this is a very beneficial piece of gear to have and it eliminates the constant rummaging around in a backpack for a piece of gear like a flashlight or snacks. Without having to take my pack off every time I need to get out my gloves makes the trail easier to handle and it doesn't cause my back more pain from having to take off a heavy pack, then put it back on once I found my snack.

It is made of a strong and durable material and is constructed well. The zipper has yet to wear out or break.


I like the fact that it can be worn all on its own or in conjunction with a backpack and be comfortable.
I like that it is made of 210d water resistant ripstop nylon.
I like the 5-pocket setup so everything is stored in an organized way and this reduces the need to waste time rummaging around inside a specific compartment.
I like the large amount of space the main pockets allow and the fact that there are 2 smaller dividers in these larger compartments to better organize my gear.
I like that it is adjustable and can fit anyone who puts it on.
I like the Alpine Green color.
And I like the way it redistributes my weight when I have it on with a heavy backpack.
I also like how easy it is to clean.


I didn't like that the shoulder straps were not padded and feel that the D-rings could have been made of a better material than what was used, plastic. Also, I did not like how hot the Front Pack got underneath of it on the hot days when I had it out, but that can be expected even with a backpack. I just felt like perhaps a more breathable construction to the backside of the Front Pack could be done.

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