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Deuter Act Lite 65+10 Pack
Test Series by Alex Legg
Initial Report September 2nd, 2013

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Tester Information:

Name:  Alex Legg
Age:  30
Gender:  Male
Height:  6'4" (1.9 m)
Weight:  195 lb (88 kg)
Shoe Size: 13 US; 47 EUR; 12 UK
Email address:  alexlegg2 AT yahoo DOT com
City, State, Country:  Lyons, Colorado, USA

I have backpacked extensively throughout the southwestern United States my entire life.  I prefer a lightweight approach using tarp tents and trail shoes so that I can save my strength for clocking miles.  I hike on average 4 mi (6 km) daily from my back door and also enjoy trips up to 5 days in the backcountry.  I encounter elevation from 5,000 ft to 14,000 ft (1,524 m to 4,267 m) and temperatures from below 0 F to 90 F (-18 C to 32 C).

Product Information and Specifications:

Manufacturer: Deuter Sport GmbH & Co
Year of Manufacture: 2013
Listed Weight: 3 lb 14 oz (1,760 g)
Measured Weight: 3 lb 14 oz (1,760 g)
Listed Pack Volume: 65 + 10 L (3,970 + 610 cu in)
Materials: Deuter-Microrip-Nylon, Deuter-Duratex-Lite, Deuter-Ripstop 210
Available Colors: Midnight-Sliver, Emerald-Anthracite
MSRP: $199.00

Product Description and Initial Impressions:

The Deuter Act Lite 65+10 pack looks very sleek and well designed. There are many pockets, zippers and straps that I hope to get the chance to unitize fully.  The pack I am testing is the Midnight-Silver color.  It is blue with silver accents.  The material constructing the pack feels somewhat rough to the touch and strong as I pull on it.  The pack has many pockets and is hydration reservoir compatible. 


Starting at the top of the pack, Deuter logo is embroidered on a generously sized pocket with two points of access.  The zipper on the outside of the pack opens to a pocket containing a small hook that would work well for attaching my keys.  The zipper on the inside of the pack opens to a separate pocket.  Just above the inside zipper is a printed table discussing alpine emergency procedures.  It goes into some detail about signaling for help , and has emergency phone numbers for seven different countries.  This is a cool feature that I have yet to see on a pack, I hope I never need to use it.

The main compartment features a drawstring closure that can lock into place by holding a button into place.  The compartment itself is large, I can put my arm in all the way to my shoulder.  There is a secondary pocket along the back of the main compartment of decent size.  I can access two metal support rods just above the secondary pocket by simply opening a hook-and-loop flap and grabbing them.  They are easily removed, and not so easily put back in.  I found that I had to put both rods in at the same time in order for them both to slide in easily. 

On the bottom of the main compartment there is a zipper accessing the compartment at the bottom of the pack.  This lower compartment is also pretty large and I'm sure I will be stuffing lots of stuff into it.  I like the convenience of being able to access the bottom portion of my main compartment load through this lower pocket.  Embroidered on the outside of the lower pocket is the model name Act Lite 65 +10.

There are two mesh side pockets great for holding water bottles or damp gear.  They look to be an ample size and can be cinched down by straps to secure whatever load I may be carrying. 

The pack features a large and sturdy feeling hip belt that looks capable of supporting large loads on my waist.  The right side has a zippered pocket whereas the left side does not.  The pocket looks to be a perfect spot for a camera or a snack.

Suspension System and Frame:

The Deuter Aircontact Lite System looks well designed.  The stabilizer straps allow for proper positioning of the pack.  The shoulder straps are well padded and feature the 3D AirMesh lining.  In between the shoulder straps is the Vari-Quick system that allows me to easily adjust the straps to accommodate multiple back lengths.

There is thick padding along the entire surface that makes contact with my back.  The manufacturer claims this to be breathable padding with extra air channel ventilation between the back cushions.  I am anxious to see how well this works out as I seem to always have an extra sweaty back while carrying a backpack. 

The metal frames I mentioned earlier are a big part of the frame of the pack.  They are referred to as anatomic profiled X-frames by Deuter and offer a balance of torsional rigidity and flexibility to follow the body movements. 

The manufacturer refers to the hip belt as hip fins.  They say that they are made from multiple layers.  The inside has a layer of 3D AirMesh lining, while the firm foam on the outside is molded to the anatomic shape and transfers the load to the hips.  This model is designed to carry heavy loads, maximize stability and load transfer due to the additional synthetic reinforcement in between the foam layers.  All of this sounds to me like Deuter has taken some serious thought and put it into their design.

Trying it Out:

I stuffed some random gear in the pack and took off down to the river near my house.  I was impressed by how sturdy and comfortable the large pack felt.  I do not regularly carry such a large pack, so it will be interesting to see how well it handles the long trails coming up in the reviewing process. 

I realized quickly that I needed to adjust the Vari-Quick system between the shoulder straps to accommodate my tall body type.  The adjustment was super easy and only took my about thirty seconds.  I walked for about three miles before I got back to the house.  This gave me plenty of time to play with all the straps and find my optimal comfort with the pack.  I can't wait to get this thing out in the wilderness to really test it out!

Things I like:

1.  Well designed, easy to use features
2.  Very comfortable for a large pack
3.  Great access to lots of pockets


1.  None art this time

This concludes my Initial Report, please check back in two months for my Field Report.  I would like to thank Deuter and for the chance to play with and review this product!

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