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Manufacturer's Comment

Thank you for taking the time to test the GEEK Pocket. We appreciated all your feedback and comments.

Both Andrea and Ed had the same initial impression of "why would the fleece be water resistant if the top is open". I'd like to explain the reason for this.

With plastic display screens on GPS units, phones, radios, sunglasses, etc, we wanted a soft material to prevent scratching these surfaces. During testing, we found that regular fleece in a downpour, drenched the GEEK Pocket, along with its contents and stayed drenched. With the water resistant fleece, the rain drops repelled, rather than absorbed into the material or pocket. Therefore, the pocket and the devices inside may get a bit wet, but not drenched and won't sit in a soppy pocket. It was our best solution to protect the electronics, while still maintaining access for the antennas to retain frequency, and providing a scratch resisistant material.

If 1" vertical straps are not standard on your pack, attach the GEEK Pocket to your belt through the webbing behind the top annex clip, or attach the top annex clip to a belt loop. I've even sewn a couple little vertical straps on my PFD to clip to when kayaking.

Thank you for your great reviews and we are really looking forward to hearing from you next.

Backcountry Solutions

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Reviews > Packs > Pack Accessories > Backcountry Solutions Geek Pocket > Manufacturer Comment

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