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INITIAL REPORT - October 13, 2009
FIELD REPORT - January 04, 2010
LONG TERM REPORT - March 02, 2010


NAME: Chari Daignault
AGE: 47
LOCATION: Orlando, Florida U.S.A.
HEIGHT: 5' 6" (1.70 m)
WEIGHT: 135 lb (61.20 kg)

I've been a light hiker for 36 years. I take the minimum I can with me and prefer a pack close to 15 pounds [6.80 kg]. I've hiked all the Florida State Forest trails in Central Florida, backpacked the Na Pali coast on the island of Kauai and climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan. I have hiked dry & sandy, rough & rocky and wet & boggy trails and as a result, have found what does and doesn't work for me in terms of equipment and clothing.



Manufacturer: FemMed, Inc.
Year of Manufacture: 2009
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: US$ 6.99
6.5 in [165 mm] long on longest side
4.5 in [114 mm] high on funnel side
2 in [51 mm] wide on funnel side
.5 in [12.7 mm] diameter snout
Colors: Pink in Pink Tube, Pink in Camouflage Tube
Tested: Pink in Pink Tube

GoGirl Colors
GoGirl Colors


GoGirl in Packaging

The GoGirl arrived packed in a tube, along with a brochure with GoGirl info and instructions. Inside the tube was the GoGirl, a storage bag and some biodegradable tissue.

GoGirl out of Packaging

The GoGirl is made of medical-grade silicone, which is not biodegradable. However, because the device can be reused hundreds or thousands of times [per the manufacturer], it is considered Earth Friendly. The device was designed with women in mind and the many appalling places in which we're forced to pee -- usually sitting down or by attempting the dreaded "hovering" technique. Per the manufacturer, the GoGirl device will allow me [a person of the female variety] to discreetly and hygienically pee while standing up.


Per the instructions, to use the GoGirl I would adjust my clothing and press GoGirl against my body to form a seal. Then, just aim and urinate. It sounds easier than it is imagined. And my imagination was at full steam.

There is a correct way and an incorrect way to hold the GoGirl while using it. To correctly hold it, I was to use my thumb and middle finger to gently hold the top [thumb] and bottom [middle finger] of the device. Manhandling it is a no-no [no pun intended].

How to Hold
How to Hold [images from website]

After use, the manufacturer states that I can just shake the excess moisture off the device and it will dry quickly. Urine is sterile, so contamination from contact is not an issue. The device can be stored in the bag provided, rolled up and crammed back in the tube in which it came. The tube appears small enough that it shouldn't be too hard to stow in a backpack, purse or a lumbar pack. The manufacturer states the GoGirl funnel can be cleaned simply using soap and water for repeated uses.


Per the instructions, it was suggested I try it out first in the shower. I completely agreed with that logic, as -- speaking for myself -- I have no experience with peeing standing up and was not exactly sure about the logistics. Being able to stand and pee naked without the added distraction of clothing sounded like a great idea.

GoGirl in Hand
GoGirl in Hand

In the shower, my first try with the GoGirl was what I would call a definite success! Placing the device against my body was actually very intuitive. I don't recommend over-thinking its placement. Once in place, the device caught all the urine and it shot out the end. I found that I could aim it easily and the urine fell well away from my legs and feet.


Along with the surreal, gender-bending aspect, the GoGirl was easy, clean and strangely fun to use. I am looking forward to actual practical application of the device and my only concern is what to do with my pants when using it. I'm [once again] over-thinking the logistics of using it while wearing clothing. Since it appears I truly only need one hand to use the device, I'm sure my free hand can take care of holding my pants up from the ground.


I'm really excited about taking the GoGirl out into the wilderness and benefiting from not having to hunker down behind a bush, leaving my behind exposed and risking peeing on my feet. I am also looking forward to having the GoGirl available for those times when a port-a-potty and a nasty public restroom are indistinguishable.



I've brought the GoGirl device along during several day hikes, backpacking trips and on a 5k [3.1 mi] race. Our day hikes are in the Hal Scott Regional Preserve and we've done two backpacking trips into the Little Big Econ State Forest where we hiked in and camped overnight a couple nights. The weather during the past two months has been sunny and only slightly humid with daytime temps ranging from over 80 F [26.7 C] down to 52 F [11 C]. We've currently settled into a cooler, much drier, partly sunny pattern with temps averaging at around 65 F [18.3 C]. There has been some wind, even less rain and occasional fog in the mornings. It's been great weather for camping and hiking.

I also took the GoGirl along with us on a week-long trip to Firestone, Colorado over the winter holidays. Although we didn't get to do the hiking I had hoped we would, I was able to test the device for the one purpose I truly wanted to take it out for: writing my name in the snow.

Snow Art
Snow Art


Using the GoGirl while out on the trail or in camp was very easy and for the most part, discreet. One of the first and most important things I learned out on the trail was that although a tree might offer good cover, if the tree I'm facing is on an up-slope away from me, then using the GoGirl there isn't such a good idea.

Ready To Use
Ready To Use

In the photo above, I was preparing to use the GoGirl at the base of the pictured tree. The tree was sloping up away from me, which made my footing do the same. Gravity caused the urine in the GoGirl to flow back toward me instead of away, resulting in a few wet spots on my pants. Once I realized what was happening, I quickly adjusted my stance so the front of my feet sloped downward and then gravity did the rest and the device worked perfectly. I would like to see them make the snout part of the device just a bit longer to ensure it keeps urine away from clothing and feet under more precarious conditions.

At a 5k race in October, I used the GoGirl device while in a port-a-potty. Something about road races seems to make folks have to pee -- a lot. Even though [for most of us] the race was only 30 minutes long, there were long lines at all 25 or so port-a-potties at the site. Once inside, I was able to easily utilize the GoGirl device and didn't have to sit or touch anything inside. All I needed was the GoGirl and a little bottle of hand sanitizer and I was free and clear!

Ready To Use Again
Ready To Use Again

In Colorado, I attempted to utilize the GoGirl out in the snow in 12 F [-11 C] air temps. Although the device still worked just as well as it did in warmer weather, my body didn't. The result was I only got 2 letters of my first name out and was done. Although it wasn't very recognizable, I was happy with the results and quickly got back into close proximity with a heater.


So far in testing under various conditions, the GoGirl has performed wonderfully. It has allowed me to pee standing up in locations where I'd previously had to squat or hover. And it's worked easily in the dark and out in frigid temperatures.

Easy to store

Would like additional colors
Would like the snout a bit longer



In the approximately two months since my Field Report, the Central Florida locations and conditions for my Long Term report have been essentially the same. Temperatures have been markedly cooler though, and we've had several nights where we got below 32 F [0 C]. I've taken the GoGirl device with me on every day hike and camping trip during this phase of testing. I estimate the total number of trips/hikes to be around 47, including 3 overnights.

This time, I've also incorporated a lot of urban testing of the GoGirl device. This includes public restrooms in department stores, grocery stores and restaurants around town. The device has also been used in my office restroom while at work.


Using the GoGirl device has gotten easier with practice. I initially had issues with holding my clothing and the device while trying to pee and not wet myself. Now, I'm a pro. Pants with either a button or zipper fly are the easiest for me, as I don't have to pull anything down. Shorts and pants with elastic waist bands have to be pulled down, exposing my behind.

It cannot be emphasized enough that gravity is a major contributor to the proper function of this device, so I always ensure that the pull of gravity is away from my body. I make sure not to pee up a slope; it's either level ground or making sure the ground is sloping down away from me. 2 miles of hiking with a wet spot shaped like a smile on the bottom of my buns taught me that valuable lesson.

The biggest issue I've encountered when using the GoGirl in an urban setting is reaction by others to seeing my feet facing the toilet. I've exited a stall to find an older woman standing defiantly, waiting for me to come out. Rather than explain myself, I simply waved the GoGirl at her, proceeded to the sink and washed my hands and the GoGirl. [I'm not one for bathroom conversation.]

One way I have around bathroom "hall monitors" is that anytime I use the GoGirl in a crowded public women's restroom, I always make a show of pulling it out as I enter the stall, so there's hopefully no surprise in store for anyone watching. Using the GoGirl device in public restrooms relieves me of having to use sixty sheets of toilet paper to cover the seat before I sit and do my business. I love it.


The GoGirl Feminine Urinary Device has become an indispensable part of my day-to-day gear. It sits quietly in my bag at work, fits neatly in my backpack's waist pocket while hiking and keeps me from sticking my behind in poison ivy when camping. It took a bit of practice for me to get really comfortable with using it, but once I had confidence in the product, I really had no issues.


As long as the GoGirl device holds up, I'll continue to use it. The freedom it allows on the trails and at camp is the main thing that keeps me using it. I have purchased 3 more GoGirl devices and have passed them out to friends.

One note with regard to the retail pricing listed at the beginning of this combined report: The retail price has increased to $9.99 US for a single GoGirl device since I began testing.

This concludes my Long Term Report. Many thanks to FemMed, Inc and for the opportunity for me to test peeing while standing up!

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