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The Tinkle Belle

Reviewed by

Jamie J. DeBenedetto

Report Contents

June 14th, 2018


October 17th, 2018

Reviewer's Information


Collective Use and Field Conditions

Product Information & Description


Long Term Findings

Arrival Condition


Final Thoughts

First Impressions    



Initial Report
June 14th, 2018

Reviewer's Information

Name Jamie J. DeBenedetto

Me and the Saguaro

Age and Gender Female, 45 years old

Height 5' 11" (180 cm)

Weight 175 lb (79 kg)

Email JamieD1005-at-gmail-dot-com


I spent many hours of my youth fishing, rafting, creeking, and day-hiking in the wild places of Arizona. I caught the backpacking bug in high school but since having kids I've become mostly a day-hiker with the occasional family camping trip mixed.
I prefer hammocks over ground sleeping and I gravitate toward multifunctional gear that enhances my comfort level with minimal fuss and weight. My total pack weight is typically less than 25 lbs (11 kg).

Location Phoenix, Arizona - The Grand Canyon State - USA















Product Information Back to contents

Manufacturer URL
Model Year 2018
Made in USA
MSRP $25.00 USD
Size Options One size fits all
Dimensions 9.25 in (23.5 cm) fully extended, 5.5 in (14 cm) when folded; None given for the carry case
Listed Weights Tinkle Belle: 1.8 oz (50 g), Total with case 2.6 oz (75 g)
Care Instructions Dishwasher safe. Should be rinsed with hot water and soap when available and stored dry. Case is machine washable.
Warranty "The Tinkle Belle is warranted from any manufacturing defects"

(Above: Taken from the Manufacturer's Website or Packaging)

(Below: Observed by Tester as Received)

Weights (taken with a digital office scale) Tinkle Bell: 1.9 oz (53 g); Case: 0.8 oz (23 g); Together: 2.7 oz (76 g)
Measurements 9 in (23 cm) long x 2 in (5 cm) wide fully extended, 5.5 in (14 cm) long x 2.5 in (6.5 cm) wide; Carry case is 7.25 in (18.5cm) x 4 in (10 cm).


Product Description Back to contents

The Tinkle Belle (hear after referred to as the FUD, device or TB) is a foldable Female Urinary Device (FUD). Essentially it allows women, young and old, to pee while standing, ideally without having to completely lower pants and undies. The device, while all one piece, has three basic parts: The trough, the thumb rests and the spout. The trough is the dark green part (see picture below). It is made of a harder plastic and fits between the legs up against the body to direct the urine stream. This part is shaped with the female form in mind and is supposed to reduce splashing or overflow. At its widest point the trough is 1 and 3/16 of an inch (3 cm) wide. At the top edge of the trough, just before the spout starts, sits two thumb rests, one on each side. These are there to aid the user in proper placement of the FUD. The spout, which is the grey part (see picture below), is made from a much more flexible material. This same material covers the entire inside of the device. The manufacturer does not specify what this material is but they do claim it is antimicrobial, top-rack dishwasher safe, and sheds liquid easily, eliminating the need for toilet paper! Lastly, the TB comes with a little zippered pouch for discreet storage.

Arrival Condition and Informational Material Back to contents

The Tinkle Belle appears to have arrived defect free from what I can tell. Other than the product and the carry case the manufacturer sent a colorful and cleverly worded brochure. The brochure clearly explains how to use, care for, clean and store the device. They also have a video on their website demonstrating how the curves of the device fit the curves of the female form aiding in urine capture and redirection. Although the idea behind this product is intuitive, actually using it correctly is important if I want to avoid leaks or other embarrassing mishaps. I found the written instructions and the video helpful.

Expectations and First Impressions Back to contents

In that I'm a rookie to the FUD world I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about how this test is going to go. Although I know several ladies who love these types of devices I've only used one, another brand I purchased a few months ago, on a few occasions. Once in my yard for practice and a couple of times in a pit-toilet at a campground. While I was thankful to forgo sitting, I wasn't very proficient with using the device. I was also not overly fond of the splash-back. I'm hopeful the shape and length of the Tinkle Belle will alleviate both issues and give me more confidence to embrace "The Stand". I also hope I can figure out how to do the deal without dropping my drawers. I think I have my work cut out for me.

My first impressions of the TB are mixed. I like its length. I can see that being an asset for sure. The width of the trough is a bit intimidating though. At only 1 3/16 in (3 cm) I don't have a lot of room for error unless I want to practice my wilderness hygiene skills. I have watched the video and read the instructions several times and I will practice at home as they recommend before a field test in hopes I can avoid wetting myself.

The carry case is a nice touch. It comes with a little carabineer so it can be hung from a belt loop or backpack or purse. It's not long enough to store the FUD fully extended but that's not an issue because the spout half of the device easily bends. There seems to be three ways one can fold the TB. In half (toward either side), back on itself upward and back on itself downward. Although, the latter doesn't seem as appealing after use when the inner lining of the FUD will be wet. I'll give all three a try and see which suits me best. The case also looks to be spacious enough to hold a few wet wipes and a small vial of hand sanitizer if I choose.

I'm looking forward to leaving my FUD newbie status behind and joining the "Life outSTANDING" crowd. .

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Long-Term Report
October 17th, 2018

Collective Use and Field Conditions Back to contents

Three-day camping trip in the pines of the Coconino National Forest, Arizona (AZ). Elevation 7,000 ft (2,100 m). Temperatures ranged between 71 and 40 F (22 and 4 C). About six uses.

Kayaking day trip at Lake Pleasant Regional Park in Peoria, Arizona (AZ). Elevation 1,700 ft (520 m). Conditions were clear and sunny with a high temperature of 102 F (39 C). One use.

Day hike near New River, AZ. Elevation 2,000 ft (610 m). The temperature was around 97 F (36 C), partly cloudy. One use.

Overnight backpacking trip in the Prescott National Forest, AZ. Elevation around 6,500 ft (2,000 m). Temperatures ranged between 50 and 85 F (10 and 29 C), sunny and clear both days. Four uses. (picture on the right is the TB hanging from my hammock)

Day hike along the Verde River, Tonto National Forest, AZ. Elevation average 1,500 ft (500 m). Weather was clear and sunny with a high of 103 F (40 C). One use.

Day hike next to the Agua Fria River, Lake Pleasant Regional Park, Peoria, AZ. Elevation 1,700 ft (520 m). The temperature was around 86 F (30 C). Partly cloudy day. One use.

Day hike in the Superstition Wilderness, Arizona. Elevation around 2,400 ft (730 m). Temperatures ranged between 64 and 77 F (18 and 25 C). One use.

Long Term Findings Back to contents

I think Plato or at least his wife, if he had one, would have been proud to know that Tinkle Belle took his "Necessity, who is the mother of invention" proverb to heart when they gave us this cool little urinary aid. I'm not sure I can put the Female Urinary Device (FUD) up there with invention giants like the butane lighter, flavored lip balm, or Dr. Pepper but let's face it ladies, we've all, at some point in our lives, longed for the convenience of being able to stand rather than squat and Tinkle Belle has certainly made this a very practical reality. I'm sold!

The first plus for the TB is of course the ability to ditch the squat. Having been a squatter since the age of 1.5 or so it was very counterintuitive to stand at first. I found myself having trouble getting the flow to begin. I think this was in part because I didn't fully trust the TB yet and because it just felt so weird. My husband, who is hilarious, gave me some coaching about wind direction, foot placement, etc. Despite his help and although I've used the device well more than a dozen times I can't say I'm 100% comfortable with standing but my knees have been very grateful for the break. It's also much faster and easier to find a suitable location to go. I've taken to carrying the FUD in its pouch clipped with the provided carabineer to one of the side pockets of my backpack. In this way I can reach it without removing my pack, get myself situated, relieve myself and return it to its pouch all in just a couple of minutes. Super convenient!!

While ditching the squat has been mostly enjoyable, I haven't quite yet been able to abandon the wipe. In the user instructions the manufacturer explains that "gentle upward pressure utilizing the extreme comfort lip" will catch any last drops and leave the user "feeling clean and dry". In my experience I can see where the comfort lip does help to reduce any after drips but I personally don't feel clean or dry. It might be psychological, having trained myself to go then wipe as the natural course of action or it could be that the comfort tip just doesn't quite do it. Either way, I still carry a small amount of TP for this reason.

The germophobe in me is both thankful for the device and mildly yucked out. In as much as women's restrooms tend to be light years cleaner than men's rooms, we still often encounter unpleasant "seating arrangements". In these situations I love the TB. It's compact size and discrete little pouch fit into a purse or pocket easily. And the pouch does in fact have enough extra room to carry some emergency toilet paper or wet wipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. All incredibly handy to have in pit toilets or other public restrooms. On the yuck side I'm not a super big fan of handling and stowing something with little droplets of urine in it. There's obviously no way around this since no matter what material the trough is made from there will still be some residual urine. As TB suggests in their Cleaning, Care and Storing section I have taken to carrying a small amount of toilet paper in the pouch to use to wipe myself and the device before returning it to the pouch. This seems to work well to keep things a bit more sanitary.

Durability wise the TB is in good shape, even with all the bending of the spout. When it's clean and stored away waiting for my next outing, I prefer to keep it folded back on itself in the downward position. In the field after use, I usually just bend it to one side so I don't have to touch the inside of the spout or let it touch any part of the pouch. Unfortunately when I do this, the next time I need it, it will be crooked to that side. The curve kind of comes out with a few counter-directional bends but it's not perfect. The only danger with peeing this way is it increases the likelihood of splashing my shoe.

Final Thoughts Back to contents

This experience hasn't been perfect. While backpacking I was groggy and cold and didn't get the trough perfectly placed during a late night nature call resulting in a few wet spots on my pants. On my long weekend camping trip I had a few problems with splashing my shoes. But, as I experimented and gained more confidence using the device I've made less mistakes and as I wrote above, I've grown to appreciate the convenience the TB brings. It's easy to use one-handed and as long as I'm careful to angle it correctly the trough size seems to be adequate. I haven't figured out how to use it without pulling my pants down to mid-thigh, however, this is still vastly superior to the normal female alternative. I definitely plan to keep the Tinkle Belle in my pack as a regular, must-have accessory for outdoor trips or anywhere the accommodations are likely to be not so "fanny-tastic".

My thanks to The Tinkle Belle for giving us a chance to evaluate their product and to for choosing me to be part of this test series.


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