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McNett MicroNet Microfiber Towel
September 25, 2009


NAME: Michael Mosack
AGE: 45
LOCATION: San Diego, California USA
HEIGHT: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
WEIGHT: 236 lb (107.00 kg)

I've been backpacking for over 30 years, doing solo and group trips, with and without kids. I do day trips, weekenders and week long trips throughout the year. I backpack in all climates and seasons, from summer desert trips to Spring/Winter camping in Michigan and Canada to tropical backpacking in the Philippines and rely on my backpacking equipment constantly. I tent, car and RV camp. I prefer to go as light as possible and am always trying new items. Quality and reliability of items I carry, are paramount to me over price.


Manufacturer: McNett
Year of Manufacture: 2009
Manufacturer's Website:
Manufacturer's listed weight: None listed
Product actual weight: I weighed the towel alone at 6.3 oz (179 g), then with storage bag at 8.4 oz (238 g).
Material: 100% microfiber polyester weave
Other details: Dimensions: 30" X 50" (77 cm X 128 cm) tested product size - large.
Color reviewed: Coyote - other colors available in this model (military version) include, olive drab, green and tan.
Package includes: Wet/dry storage bag that has a hanging loop with snap, towel pocket, wet/dry pouches and storage pocket.

Image copied from website shows item size

The MicroNet Ultra-Compact Microfiber Towel (Military Style), size large (henceforth referred to as the towel) is a very lightweight, compact, fast drying, multipurpose towel.

It is made of 100% advanced microfiber polyester weave that is very absorbent. The material is extremely soft to the touch yet is strong and well made. The towel's edges are sewn to reduce fraying.

A nylon hang loop strap has been sewn on one corner. It has a plastic snap closure which when closed, leaves a loop approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter.

The towel comes with a case that is designed as as storage case for the towel and as a shower accessory that can be used to store personal hygiene items. The case has a hanging loop with a snap as well as two mesh pockets, to allow the contents to dry more efficiently while stored. I do not carry the case when backpacking, due to its size and weight. I prefer to only pack the lightweight towel then.

McNett suggests that the towel can be machine or hand washed in cold water with like colors and to not use bleach or fabric softener. The towel can either hang to dry or be machine dried with low heat. Following these instructions and after numerous cleanings, I have both machine washed and dried the towel and also hand washed and hung to dry the towel. I have experienced good results with each method and have not seen any evidence of color bleeding or material shrinkage. My towel still looks and performs as new.

McNett claims that the towel holds 5 times its weight in water. Although I have soaked the towel in water and wrung it out many times, I have not attempted to verify this claim.


Image copied from website of product tested.

This has been my only towel and constant companion, for the past 9 months. I work in Afghanistan, traveling with military combat units and have used this daily. Field conditions include hot dry summer temperatures over 140 F (+41 C) to winter temperatures below 20 F (-5 C). I have used this from sea level to over 7,000 feet (2134 m) above sea level. I use this towel for normal drying after washing, cleaning of sunglasses and camera lenses, as a sun shade and when water soaked, as a "cool wrap" to help protect against the heat. During cooler temperatures, I have used this as a blanket too. The towel folds up small and takes up very little room in my pack. It is easy to hand wash with fresh water and biodegradable soap and after hand wringing and hung in full sun, it was dry in under an hour.

I have used this towel in the following locations...
Afghanistan, to include Herat, Kandahar, Kabul, Helmand Province and many remote areas in between; California, to include San Diego, Ocotillo Wells Vehicle Recreation Area, Anza-Borrego State Park and Laguna Mountains; Grand Canyon area of Havasupai Campgrounds and trail; Bangkok, Thailand and Maldives Islands of Male and Helengeli.


I am by all descriptions, a gear nut. I like gadgets and try almost everything that comes out when I'm able. I was looking for a smaller and more packable towel, but also one that would cover me so when I walked back and forth from the showers, I wouldn't show off my less-tanned areas. The new military has gone co-ed in combat oriented units after all and I didn't want the opposite sex to run away in shock! I found mine at a military store (PX) and gave it a try. This towel can also be found online too, just check the manufacturer's website for retailer options.

The towel is large enough that I can use a portion of it as a wash cloth and still have more than enough to dry my entire body afterward. I usually hang it from its convenient snap loop positioned in the corner or drape it over a clothes line or hung from my pack. I have used it to soak up water and it is easily wrung out and dries quickly. I have also used this as a pre-filter to filter out larger debris in water I collected to drink.

I love the feel of the material this towel is made from because when wet, it doesn't get that wet leathery skin feel often found with chamois or similar products. This is comfortable, soft and well made.

I have machine washed this as well as given it numerous hand washings and it still looks and performs as new. I can not find anything negative to comment on with this towel and I have not found anything I would want as a replacement if I were to somehow lose this one.


I have found the towel to be well made and of durable material. I like its large size and convenient accessory pouch and pack-ability. With all of the other uses that I have found for the towel, it will continue to be a permanent part of my gear as it has worked well in every circumstance.


The size of the towel which actually covers me when needed.
How well this towel soaks up water and the quickness of how it dries after.
The hanging loop on the towel's corner and hanging accessory bag as well.
The feel and durability of the material even when wet.


I have not found anything about this towel that I don't like.


Mike Mosack

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