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Test series by David Wilkes

Adidas Wandertag Climaproof Pant

Initial Report - December 12 2016
Field Report - February 15 2017
Long Term Report - April 22 2017

Tester Information

Name: David Wilkes
Age: 50
Location: Yakima Washington USA
Gender: M
Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
Weight: 200 lb (90.7 kg)


36"/32" 91cm / 81 cm


I started backpacking in 1995 when I moved to Washington State. Since then, I have backpacked in all seasons and conditions the Northwest has to offer.  I prefer trips on rugged trails with plenty of elevation gain. While I continuously strive to lighten my load, comfort and safety are most important to me. I have finally managed to get my basic cold weather pack weight, not including consumables, to under 30 lb (14 kg).

Product Information



Year of Manufacture:


Manufacturer’s Website:


89.00 US$


S, M, L, XL, 2XL



Weight Listed/Measured:

8.1 oz (230 g) / 8.8 oz (250 g)


Product Description:

The Wandertag Climaproof Pants are intended to be a light weight, waterproof but breathable rain shell for outdoor activities like hiking and running. They include an adjustable elastic waistband, zippered front pockets and zip leg openings.

Initial Report

December 12 2016

StuffsackI have a history of being hard on rain pants, so I often hesitate to purchase replacements. My last pair was ‘retired’ last year since they had gotten to the point where there was almost as much repair tape as original material, especially in the seat. While the area of Washington state where I live is considered “shrub steppe” (similar to high desert) and we get on average about 300 days of sun a year, in the Central Washington Cascades where most of my outdoor activities take place, the only consistency in the weather is its unpredictability, and getting wet is not just a possibility, it is often a probability. Rain, snow, high humidity/dense fog, etc, and if nothing else I often end up walking through wet brush. As an example, last year during one of the hottest driest summers on recorded, I headed into the mountains for a weekend of fishing where I encountered almost constant cold rain and wind the entire trip. So light weight water proof pants that are also breathable is something I can really appreciate and often need.
wandertag climaproof pant (all lower case per is described as a breathable waterproof pant for hiking backpacking or wet weather runs. It is constructed out of “Climaproof” 100% Polyester which is supposed to be waterproof but breathable, and features an elastic waist band with draw strings, two front “hand warmer” pockets with zip closures, and waterproof half zip leg openings. There are also elastic drawstrings at the hem of each leg. The two front pockets are partially constructed of mesh to provide ventilation. And the left pocket doubles as a stuff sack for the pants. The pants can be neatly stored in their own pocket by stuffing them into the pocket from the inside (turning the pocket inside out in the process). The zipper on that side pocket includes a zipper pull with a tab that says “PACK IT”. Inside this pocket there is also a small fabric loop which could be used to secure items such as keys. When the pants are stuffed into this pocket it is then on the outside and so can be used to hang the pants. After reviewing the online size chart I requested a size Large.
Note: see the adidias wandertag jacket reviews completed earlier this year.

Upon receiving the pants I went over them and found no signs of defects and the construction looks very good. Trying them on they fit just as expected. The waist fits well and appears to have enough stretch that it should also fit over layers as needed. The elastic drawstring in the waistband is adjustable which is nice but the elastic cord is kind of thin and seems somewhat weak. Experience has shown that since I am not exactly in shape (yeah, OK, I am fat), I will probably be tightening the drawstring in order to help keep my pants up. So this is one thing I will be paying close attention to. The length seems to be ideal for me. Long enough to reach the ground with thin-soled shoes, but not so long that they will drag or be a tripping hazard. My initial impression of the pants is that there was a lot of thought put into making them as functional as possible without adding any frivolous “features” while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Likes: Light weight, fit well, easy to put on/take off, well constructed
Dislikes: None

Field Report

February 15 2017
This was a cold dayUsage
* Nordic Ski Patrol, Washington Cascades (elevation 4600’ / 1400m) x 8
* Winter Hike Eastern foothills of the Washington Cascades (elevation 2000’ / 600m)

As is the norm for me when testing products that are relevant to specific weather, Mother Nature rarely cooperates. During this phase of the test I have yet to experience temperatures above freezing aside for the week I spent in San Cabo Mexico where the weather was around 85F (39C) and sunny, so obviously I did not use these.

During my duties on the Nordic Ski patrol I am expected to ski at least 4 hours a day and we have about 18km (11mi) of groomed ski trail to cover and are expected to periodically walk the snowshoe trails. At the end of the day (~3pm) we are required to ski (“sweep”) all of the trails. This is regardless of the weather conditions. During this period the conditions have ranged from about 22F (-6C) and snowing to 9F (-13C) and windy. My duties include stopping to assist skiers, shoveling snow and some trail maintenance. One memorable day the high was only 13F (-11C) and windy, and I had forgotten to check the weather prediction so was far under-dressed for the conditions. Had it not been for purchasing an extra base layer from the resort ski shop, the wind protection of the Wondertag pants, and continuous movement there is no way I could have completed sweep. As it was by the time I returned to the yurt at the end of the day I had no feeling in most of my fingers and was completely exhausted. On another day it snowed so hard and it was so cold and dry that when the snow bombs would drop from the trees visibility would drop to completely zero (I actually held my hand in front of my face one time and was totally unable to see my hand). And once, when the snow cleared I found myself flat on my back with no idea how I got there. Much of the day my skis were completely invisible under the snow and at times the powder was over my calves.  I was glad to have a waterproof shell to help keep my legs dry that day.

While I can’t comment yet on how effective these pants are for rain I can say they are light and comfortable even over bulky base layers. They have been very effective at blocking wind and they shed snow very well. I have also yet to experience any problems with moisture build up so they seem to breathe well at least in these cold conditions. Note for Nordic skiing, moisture management is critical to avoid overheating while moving and from freezing during the frequent, sometimes extended, stops. These pants have also been effective at keeping me dry when I have had to kneel or sit in the snow, and when I have trudged through fresh powder almost hip deep.

ShovelingThe leg zips have made getting my boots on/off easier, and I can get these pants on over my Nordic ski boots, but even with the legs completely unzipped I could not get them on over my insulated winter hiking boots. To be fair they really are not intended for that so I can’t consider that a negative.

If I were to identify one area that could be better it would be the elastic drawstring in the waistband. This cord is very thin and does not really seem to be sufficient to help keep the pants from sliding down during use. I would prefer if this cord was thicker and/or the pants had belt loops.

  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Wind/water proof
  • Elastic waistband draw cord

Long Term Report

April 22 2017
  • Nordic Ski Patrol, Washington Cascades (elevation 4600’ / 1400m) X 4
  • Snowcamp - 1 night - Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Central Cascades Washington (~1-2 miles)

I continued to use these pants on my Ski Patrol duty days. The remaining outings were uneventful with temperatures just above to just below freezing, some snow but mostly clear days, with excellent skiing (this was an epic ski season).

I also used them for a short overnight snowshoe trip where I was trying out a new hammock, under quilt and tarp configuration. I hiked a short way up the PCT looking for a suitable place to set up my hammock and out of sight of the trail. The temperatures were just above freezing and it was snowing so the trees were dripping quite a bit of water, which continued until temperatures dropped below freezing during the night. As I was using my hammock I had no choice but to set up under the trees. I was glad I was wearing a waterproof jacket and the Adidas Wandertag Climaproof Pant. Despite the dripping from the trees, kneeling in the wet snow, and brushing against the wet brush and branches I remained dry. The same could not be said about my tarp and sleeping bag, by 3am I awoke to find I was sleeping in a puddle.

I continued to have difficulty with keeping these pants from riding down during use regardless of how tight I pulled the elastic draw cord, so I finally broke down and purchased a set of clip-on suspenders. These worked great! As I have had this same problem with other rain pants I can't blame these. I would very much like to blame the basic design of rain pants overall, but I suspect the real culprit is the extra girth around my middle. Using these rain pants with suspenders was wonderful. They fit very well and did not ride down at all. I am beginning to wonder why the manufacturers of rain pants don't all offer suspenders, at least as an optional item.

With MegThe leg zips have not been of much use to me as I simply can't get put these pants on/off with any of my winter footwear. From experience with similar products I do know they will go over my preferred warm weather footwear (e.g. trail runners), but even then I tend to remove my shoes anyway to avoid getting mud and water inside my rain pants.

Overall I am very pleased with these. They are light weight, comfortable, and work well for wet conditions, as well as for blocking cold wind. While I can't attest to their breathability, I also have found no indications that they are not breathable. At the conclusion of this test I fully intend to continue to carry these for most of my backpacking and hiking trips this year as I often encounter wet conditions and the slight additional weight would be more than offset by begin able to protect my legs from wind and wet conditions.

  • Light
  • Comfortable
  • Wind/water proof
  • Elastic waistband draw cord

This concludes my report. I would like to thank the folks at adidasoutdoor and for the opportunity to test this product.


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