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February 03, 2008


NAME: Joshua Coatsworth
AGE: 28
LOCATION: Newmanstown, Pennsylvania
HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
WEIGHT: 200 lb (90.70 kg)

I started backpacking 10 years ago. I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and working with the high school students in the backcountry. I run a hiking and camping group at the high school that I teach at. I use my time with the inner city youth to teach basic survival skills that translate into everyday tasks. I usually hike in local areas of the Appalachian Trail during all four seasons. I strive to be an ultralight backpacker weighing almost everything that enters my pack. I am averaging 18-24 lbs depending on the time of year.


Manufacturer: Hennessy Hammock
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: $ 139.99 US
Listed Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz (1.25 kg)
Measured Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz (1.33 kg)
Other details:
*Upgraded to Silnylon Ripstop Rain Fly to save weight (+ $79.99 US)
*Purchased the Hennessy Undercover and Underpad for lower temperature camping (+ $129.99 US)
*Hennessy warranty - 1 year (Ann Hennessy will repair hammock upon request)


The Hennessy Hammock was used on multiple day backpacking trips on local parts of the AT between Lebanon, PA and Hamburg, PA. The temperatures varied from 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 C) to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 C). The elevation ranged from 200 feet (61 m) to about 1521 feet (464 m) above sea level. The winds depending where I would stay on the trail can be very rough and can gust up to 60 miles per hour (97 kmph). The tree cover is sparse on parts of the trail and it did not help to shield me from the winds. The seasons also present me with all of the elements of four season camping. The hammock has been used throughout all of the elements.


The Asym hammock is asymmetrical and the hammock and fly are both hunter green in color. The dimensions are 100" by 48" (2.54 m x 1.22 m), however, it seems much smaller when inside. The manufacturer states that this particular hammock will fit someone who is under 250 lb (113 kg) and 6' (183 cm). The hammock is very durable and sports mesh on the upper half to keep out the bugs. There is also a sliding pocket, so that I can store things over me.

The fly when purchased, was upgraded to silnylon ripstop. It is durable and is impenetrable by rain and wind. The fly was upgraded to save weight and as a temporary dining tarp when foul weather arrives. The hammock is advertised at 44 oz (1247 g), but when weighed it came closer to 47 oz (1332 g) which is just shy of 3 lbs (1.36 kg). The hammock is very inviting and uses a snappy hook-and-loop fastener enclosure to secure you inside. I enter the hammock by sliding into the slit and sitting in it like a chair. When the time comes, all I had to do is lay back and the hook-and-loop fasteners will seal up the hammock. The hammock also doubles as a chair and is useful when putting on boots or cooking.


Set-up is a breeze although it takes more than two minutes, at least for me. It takes a while to get used to the knots that Tom Hennessy has recommended you use to secure the hammock to the trees. The tree huggers given work fine in the conditions that I use them for but I can see them posing a threat on the west coast where the trees are much wider in diameter. I make sure that the hammock is set up level or else my body tends to slide to one end. This was very unpleasant when I would awake in the middle of the night and find myself laying over the hook-and-loop fastener enclosure used to close the hammock.

Packed down it is very small at 7" by 10" (17.78 cm x 25.40 cm) but starts to edge the weight of smaller tents. I also carry the supershelter which provides comfort in the colder weather. The supershelter is very bulky and once removed from the stuff sack is impossible to get it back in.

The hammock is great for warmer weather adventures. But, I would not recommend it for colder temperatures. In my opinion (or experience) hammocks in general have a hard time keeping in heat because of the air that is allowed to travel underneath them. The hammock showed its lack of warmth in temperatures ranging in the mid 50s (approximately 12 C) with mild discomfort to the mid 30s (approximately 1 C when I was cooooold!) The supershelter was applied along with an emergency blanket in the 30s (approximately 1 C) and had a difficult time retaining my body heat.


* Never get wet
* Comfortable in warmer weather
* Easy to set up
* Tarp seconds as a dining tarp
* Hammock seconds as a chair for cooking or putting boots on
* Tarp can be set up in rain and then the hammock can be pitched underneath it


* Can get very cold depending on temperature
* Must set up hammock level, or body will slide to one end overnight.
* Weight is almost that of a small tent
* Bulky with supershelter included
* In my opinion, very expensive for whole setup including the supershelter


Joshua Coatsworth
Teacher and avid backpacker and camper

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Reviews > Shelters > Hammocks > Hennessy Expedition Asym Hammock > Owner Review by Josh Coatsworth

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