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About me:

Name: Angela Bosevich

Age:  29

Gender:  She

Height:  5’3” (1.60 m)

Weight:  125 lb (57 kg)

E-mail address:

City, State, Country:  Spokane, Washington, USA

Date:  05/18/2009


Backpacking Background:

I have been a day hiker and nature lover since I was a wee lass.  Most of my life has been spent in Pennsylvania, so I’ve hiked in many of the eastern states.  Since moving out west 3 years ago, I have enjoyed more overnight trips and hope for longer treks in the near future.  I strive to keep my pack light, usually around 20 lb (9 kg), without forfeiting my life savings, comfort, safety, food, or water.  The varying terrain and weather in Washington State has made me understand the importance of having quality clothing and gear.


Product Information:

Manufacturer:  Therm-a-Rest


Listed weight:  14 oz (400 g)

Measured weight:  14 oz (400 g)

Size: 20 x 72 in (51 x 183 cm)

Rolled size:  20 x 8 in (51 x 20 cm)

R-Value:  2.6

Thickness:  0.625 in (1.5 cm)

M.S.R.P.:  N/A

Manufacturer’s description:  “The Ridge Rest is the time-tested workhorse of outdoor comfort. Its unique ridged pattern traps more heat and provides more comfort than any flat-foam mattress and is practically indestructible, providing comfort you can take anywhere.”


Product Description:

The RidgeRest™ is a rectangular sleeping pad made of lightweight closed-cell foam.  The pad has a series of ridges and valleys on both top and bottom.  The ridges and valleys do not extend to the last 2 in (5 cm) on the short sides of the pad.  The 2 in (5 cm) on either end allow for the logo and copyright information to be imprinted into the pad.  The manufacturer claims the valleys trap heat and the ridges make the pad a softer surface to sleep on.  The texture of the pad is a bit wrinkly, and when squeezed between the fingers is squishy yet firm.  One side of the RidgeRest™ is silver and the other side is black. The pad is rolled rather than folded when not in use.


Out and about:


I purchased the RidgeRest™ over 5 years ago when I was looking for an all-purpose sleeping pad.  It has been a part of my essential camping gear ever since.  It has been used everywhere from the hardwood forests of Pennsylvania to the beaches of Georgia; from Maine lakesides to South Carolina’s State Parks; from Washington’s rainforests and deserts to the giant redwood forests of California.  From sea level to around 5000 ft (1524 m), I have used this sleeping pad in the spring, summer and fall, with temperatures falling as low as 25° F (-4 C).  From car camping to backpacking, the RidgeRest™ has been my shadow on all of my outdoor adventures.


I have been satisfied with the performance of this incredible inexpensive, lightweight foam pad.  It is rather bulky, so it must be strapped to the outside of a backpack.  But at 14 oz (400 g), it is easy to find a place to strap it on without feeling off-balance while hiking.  I may have gotten a snag or two from a branch, but the pad is tough enough to handle that.


Once at camp, it rolls out easily and does not need to be blown up.  One side of the pad is silver and the other black.  I haven’t noticed a difference with having one side facing up versus the other.  Used in conjunction with my tent, I have never gotten cold or wet while sleeping on this pad.  There have been rainy or dewy situations where the underside has looked damp the morning after, but I have never felt the moisture come through. 


The size is ample for me.  It exceeds my height and width, so even if I roll around a bit, it still has me covered.  Sometimes the pad will slide around the tent, which may be caused by switching positions in the night.  Even so, it is wide enough that I never end up on the cold ground.  Anytime I sleep on sand or pine needles or soft, non-compact dirt in the forest, I feel very comfortable lying down on this pad.  My only complaint is its lack of comfort when placed on a hard ground.  Sleeping on compact dirt or a gravel patch at a State Park feels exactly like sleeping on compact dirt or a gravel patch.  In this situation, I can feel every rock and twig beneath me and my shoulders and hips hurt in the morning.


The pad is easy to roll back up when the time comes.  No deflation necessary.  It is also simple to clean with a damp cloth should the need arise.  After 5 years of use, my RidgeRest™ surprisingly shows little signs of wear-and-tear.


My expectations were unquestionably exceeded with this sleeping pad.  Its low price had me skeptical, but it has proved to be a very durable, dependable product that I will enjoy getting much more use out of. 


In Summary:


3 Things I Like About It:

1.)  Lightweight warmth

2.)  Durability

3.)  Wallet-friendly


3 Things I Dislike:

1.)  Level of comfort on hard ground

2.)  Bulky to strap onto pack

3.)  Tendency to slide around the tent

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Reviews > Sleep Gear > Pads and Air Mattresses > Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest pad > Owner Review by Angela Bosevich

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