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Sea to Summit 100% Premium Silk Liner
Owner Review by Shawn Wakefield
April 2, 2009

Reviewer Information

Name: Shawn Wakefield
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
City, State, Country: Tishomingo, Oklahoma, United States
Date: March 5, 2009

Backpacking Background: I started camping and backpacking about 25 years ago as a teenager in the Boy Scouts. I have more recently gotten very interested in backpacking again, and I really enjoy going lightweight now. My wife and I take frequent backpacking trips together, and our kids (all under 13) go occasionally. We like to hike in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas for short trips, but enjoy Wyoming and Colorado for longer trips.

Product Information

Item: Silk Long (Rectangular) Liner
Manufacturer: Sea to Summit
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Listed weight: 5 oz (142 g)
Weight as delivered: 5.0 oz (142 g) liner only, 5.4 oz (153 g) with included stuff sack
Listed Length: 82 in (208 cm)
Listed Width: 36 in (91 cm)
Length as delivered: 81.0 in (206 cm)
Width as delivered: 35.5 in (90 cm)
Packed size as delivered: 5.7 x 2.8 in (14.5 x 7.1 cm) in included stuff sack
MSRP: not listed
Material: AA Grade, 10-Momy ripstop silk (per manufacturer website)
Color: Available in Navy Blue, Pacific Blue, Eucalyptus Green, Kangaroo Brown, Outback Red & Jacaranda Purple
Color as delivered: Navy

Sea to Summit 100% Silk Liner
Long Rectangular Liner in Navy

Product Description

The 100% Premium Silk Liner is made from ripstop silk, and is sewn into a rectangular sleeping bag shape. According to the website, it adds up to 10 F (6 C) of warmth to an existing bag. It is machine washable, and stuffs into its own included stuff sack. I have the long (rectangular) size, but other sizes are available, according to the manufacturer website:

Standard (Rectangular)73 x 36 in (185 x 91 cm)4.6 oz (130 g)
Traveler (with pillow case)88 x 36 in (224 x 91 cm)6.0 oz (170 g)
Mummy with Hood82 x 36 in (208 x 91 cm)4.8 oz (136 g)
Long (Rectangular)82 x 36 in (208 x 91 cm)5.0 oz (142 g)
Double73 x 73 in (185 x 185 cm)9.0 oz (255 g)

The silk liner can be used as a very lightweight bag by itself if temperatures are warm, or as a liner inside any sleeping bag to add warmth on colder nights.

Field Use

I have used the silk liner on my last four camping trips for a total of 8 nights. Temperatures at night got as low as 22 F (-6 C) on a four night trip, and below freezing on the other three trips. I have used the silk liner both inside a mummy winter sleeping bag, and underneath a down quilt.

It is difficult for me to know exactly how much additional warmth the liner provides. Based on previous trips when I had to wear a base layer inside my mummy bag to stay warm below freezing, I was able to use only the liner, and no base layer, to stay comfortable. I believe the 10 F (6 C) of additional warmth is reasonable.

When using the liner, I also get the benefit of it keeping my sleeping bag or quilt cleaner. The liner prevents body oils or dirt from getting onto the inside of my bag or quilt. When using the liner with the down quilt, the liner prevents some drafts from reaching me around the edges of the quilt. With either a bag or quilt, I slip my feet into the opening on the liner and pull it up to my shoulders. With a quilt, I just pull the quilt over me. The quilt does seem to stay in place, even though the liner is slightly slick. With a sleeping bag, I put my feet into the liner, then push the liner down into my sleeping bag as I pull the liner up to my shoulders. I can keep my arms out of the liner to zip up my sleeping bag. Usually, if it is cold, I will pull the liner up around my neck as well for added warmth.

I also think that having the liner inside my sleeping bag, which gives me the 'bag within a bag' system, makes the bag feel warmer by keeping warmed air around my body within the liner. When I move, my skin does not touch the inside of the bag directly, so it seems that there are fewer 'cold spots'. The liner feels soft and smooth against my skin, and does not feel cold when I move around. The liner has two side seams, and no bottom seam. Both seams are double folded, and I have not noticed feeling either of them when using the liner.

The rectangular liner is larger than a mummy sleeping bag, but the extra fabric fits fine in a mummy bag. I have not noticed any problems moving my feet or legs around when using the liner inside a sleeping bag. The fabric is slick enough that it slides around inside my sleeping bag and does not restrict my movements.

I have washed the liner 5 times. Per the instructions, I washed in cold and then hung to drip dry. I have not noticed any fading or bleeding when washing the liner. I have noticed some slight stretching at the seams near the top of the bag. I think this is due to the fact that as I turn, my arms may be pulling or stressing the top portion of the seam. It does not affect performance yet, but bears watching. The picture below shows what this looks like.

Sea to Summit 100% Silk Liner
Close-up showing seam stress and fabric

I decided to contact Sea to Summit to see what they had to say about this. I received an email reply within 24 hours stating: "...I’m sorry to hear that your liner hasn't worked out for you as well as you (or we) had hoped. Our product is 100% covered for manufactures defects—which this is clearly a case of. We sell thousands of these liners each year and see very few ever returned to us. With that being said, we would be happy to replace it for you free of charge..." They provided an RMA and shipping address with the reply as well.

So, although the seam is not torn apart or separated completely yet, I will go ahead and exchange it. Perhaps this one seam was defective. I was very pleased with the customer service from Sea to Summit.

Things I like:
1. Lightweight
2. Adds warmth
3. Keeps sleeping bag clean
4. Great customer service

Things I don't like:
1. Somewhat expensive


By using the 100% Premium Silk Liner from Sea to Summit, I am able to keep my sleeping bag or quilt cleaner which results in fewer washings. The silk liner adds warmth on cold nights and it works well under a quilt to prevent drafts. I always pack the liner when my trips may include colder weather. I look forward to receiving the free replacement and continuing to use the liner in the future.

- Shawn Wakefield

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Reviews > Sleep Gear > Summer Bags and Liners > Sea to Summit Premium Silk Liner > Owner Review by Shawn Wakefield

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