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January 15, 2011


NAME: Erin M. Hedden
AGE: 32
LOCATION: Colorado
HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
WEIGHT: 153 lb (69.40 kg)

Backpacking Background: I have been backpacking since I was 4 years old, taking trips into the mountains for week long stays at a time with my family. I hike various terrains throughout Colorado from mountains and plateaus to grasslands and prairies. My excursions can be a day hike with a waist pack, a loop trail with 3 nights camping between start and finish, or an in and out trip which can range from an overnighter to 4 nights camping. Depending on the area and weather I use a tent or go hammock camping if I would rather stay up off of the ground.


The RS14 by Red Star Worldwear

Manufacturer: Red Star Worldwear
Year of Manufacture: 2010
Manufacturer's Website:
MSRP: $80 US
Listed Weight: 0.72 oz (21.0 g)
Measured Weight: 0.72 oz (21.2 g)
Hinges: Metal
Frame/Lense Material: Duraflex/Polycarbonate
Frame/Lense Color: Black/Grey
Ear/Nose Pads Color: Orange
Red Star Worldwear
Other details:
Red Star Worldwear boasts that this model offers 100% UV and IR protection with superior polarized lens technology that exceeds ANSI standards.
The nose and ear pads that are in place ensure a no slip fit and there are small holes in the nose pads to make them breathable.
Polycarbonate lenses are high impact and light weight as are the duraflex frames.
The manufacturer trademark Red Star marks the head of the arms on each side of the glasses while a small "Q3" is marked on the upper right corner of the lenses on the right hand side of the glasses as well.


Since purchasing these glasses in June of 2010 they have been the only sunglasses I have worn in various conditions and during all of my activities from hiking and biking to fishing and driving.
Throughout the months of June through December, approximately 162 days, the sunglasses were subjected to hot, sunny, bright days as well as frigid and frosty ones, a few thunderstorms that ranged from steady trickles to downpours, and were also worn on windy afternoons where dust and debris were heavy in the air. I've worn them to shield my eyes against flying particles of dust, dirt and sand on the shores of many lakes around southern and eastern Colorado when I just wasn't ready to give up on the fish, despite oncoming storms.
They endured 6 hours on a hot, dry, trail through the rugged and rough Picketwire Canyon to see the dinosaur tracks and find all of the Native American rock art, then did it all over again for another
11 hours on a wild turkey hunt which never seemed to be anywhere near the beaten trail.
Since these were my primary sunglasses for every event they were also put to the test on a sunny day after a recent snowstorm in the mountains and I experienced very little glare off of the snow and with the way that the lenses actually cover the entire eye area on my face I found that I was well protected from glare or glint blinding me in my peripheral lines of vision.
I was also quite pleased that so far through rain and snow I have not had the glasses actually fog up on me and create a problem obscuring my vision that way.


The overall fit of the sunglasses is snug and comfortable. They are lightweight enough that they are barely noticeable except that the snug fit of the arms that wrap around the contour of the head, and the cushioned ear pads which seem to grip snugly gives them away as being worn.
The nose pads provide a nice snug fit and there has been no instances of slippage occurring while looking downwards or while being bounced around on a bumpy trail astride a mountain bike.
The small pin sized holes in the pads allows just enough air to pass through so that sweat and water do not interfere with the grip the pads have either.
I have dropped them on a couple of occasions and there were no scratches sustained by the lenses and the frames bounced right back.
On one occasion the arms of the sunglasses had been stepped on and they too bounced right back without any bends, breaks or cracking occurring. They delivered on their promise to be sturdy and durable in construction.
During the time spent on lakes and rivers the lenses provided minimal glare from the waters and offered great protection from the shine on the snow after the snowstorm in the mountains. They provide good protection from the suns rays and I experienced minimal squinting at any time, even that which can sometimes be caused from peripheral exposure since the lenses actually wrap around the face enough to shade the line of vision completely.
Overall these sunglasses are a great fit, they keep the glare and light to a minimal, and they are quite stylish in appearance.


Lightweight frames are very sturdy and take some abuse.
Comfortable fit with the nose and earpieces padded in a lightweight rubber that is also breathable.
The lenses actually cover enough of the area around the eyes to block out all sunlight from creeping in from over the top, under the bottom, or from the sides which reduces squinting from glare off of mirrors in vehicles or on motorcycles or bright flashes coming off of passing vehicles, windows or other surface areas
that the sun catches and glints off of.
I like the versatility of these sunglasses as well as that they have already endured so many of the outdoor activities that I participate in.
They are stylish and can not only be a part of everyday casual dress, they can also go good with rugged outdoor gear, wetsuits when river rafting and a uniform for work.
The price was very fair for the quality of the sunglasses. I am very impressed.
I have never experienced any instances where condensation has proved to be a problem for these glasses.


The frames, though very sturdy, feel cheap and plastic like, but even though they feel flimsy they aren't. I am just not keen on the feel.

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